New CD from the Reed Island Rounders! goose 2

Wild Goose Chase  CD cover
Betty Vornbrock ~ Fiddle   Kirk Sutphin ~ Banjo & Fiddle
Billy Cornette ~ Guitar & Vocal   Hilary Dirlam ~ Bass

The Tunes... (clips coming soon!)

1. Hell Amongst the Yearlings
2. Black Cat in the Briar Patch
3. Sail Away Ladies - Tommy Jarrell
4. Old Cow Crossing the Road
5. Giles County Blues
6. Flower From the Fields of Alabama
7. Rocky Road to Dublin
8. Shady Grove
9. Richmond
10. Five Miles to Town


11. Taylor’s Quickstep
12. Evening Rainbow Waltz
13. Old Skedaddalink
14. Sail Away Ladies - J.P. Fraley
15. Knoxville Rag
16. St. James Infirmary
17. Pat Him on the Back
18. Lost Indian
19. Kitty Puss
20. Wild Goose Chase

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Reed Island Rounders out standing in Joe's field

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"Wild Goose Chase" arrangements and images copyright 2016 ~ Burning Wolf Records
All tunes are traditional and in the public domain. Cover art and design by Betty Vornbrock. Photo by Joe Dejarnette.

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