Old-Time Fiddle Workshop
Clawhammer Banjo Workshop
House Concert

Washington, DC area
Saturday, October 13, 2007

What, When Where???

Fiddle Workshop with Betty Vornbrock:
Tuition: $50
Saturday, October 13, 12 noon- 4 pm
(please arrive a bit early to get set up and tuned)

Home of Howard Jones
Oakton, VA
(703) 938-0490

Intermediate Fiddle: 
Betty will be emphasizing bow control, rhythms, accents & phrasing, through a few of her favorite weird tunes and tunings.
 She combines drive, texture, and dynamics to bring life to dance tunes, solos, & waltzes.
E-mail Betty

Banjo Workshop with Diane Jones:
Tuition: $50
Saturday, October 13, 12 noon- 4 pm

(please arrive a bit early to get set up and tuned)
Home of Hubie King
Annandale, VA

(703) 425-5235

Intermediate Banjo: 

Diane will be cramming everything into your heads and fingers that she possibly can in one day. Her clawhammer style focuses on rhythm, melody & phrasing, whether playing solo, or accompanying fiddle or voice. 
E-mail Diane

House Concert with the Reed Island Rounders
Admission: $20
Saturday, October 13, 7-9 pm

Home of Hubie King
Annandale, VA

(703) 425-5235

Please contact Hubie at the above phone number for RSVP and directions.
Limited seating, so please make your plans sooner than later!

RIR band

OK, just WHERE are these events??

Oakton & Annandale, VA are located west
of Washington, DC.
They are within a 12 mile drive (20-30 min) of each other, just off I-66 (Oakton), and the 495 Beltway (Annandale).
Please contact Howard or Hubie for more specific directions.

Please CLICK THIS LINK to see a map of the greater DC area, designating the two towns.



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Workshop Registration:
Fiddle ~ Please email Howard Jones or phone:
(703) 938-0490
Banjo ~ Please email Hubie King or phone:
(703) 425-5235

Provide: Name, address, phone #, email (if you have one),
# of participants to register.

Payment due with advance registration, by check, payable to the instructor. Please mail to Howard or Hubie. Only receipt of your check will reserve a spot for you in the workshops, on a first come-first served basis. Please register early to ensure your spot and so we know how many students to expect. If you have questions, or need directions, please call or email.

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